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Did you know you can do workshops as a group - with your friends, as a PD day in your school, or as a presentation to your staff?

Our new workshops support groups as large as you'd like. We offer group discounts starting at groups as small as 3. Earn RID CEUs, log professional development hours, and have fun learning with your colleagues!

The process is simple and convenient for both you and for each member of your group:

  1. Check through our catalogue and decide what workshop best suits your group's needs. 
  2. Drop us a line and let us know your group size, what workshop you'd like, and whether you want to pay for everyone in advance or if you want everyone to pay on their own.
  3. We'll send you a coupon. The coupon will reflect either the agreed-upon discount (if you want every participant to pay on their own) or discount the workshop to free (if you want to pay in advance).
  4. On the day of the event, everyone will go to the mobile-friendly store from their phones, tablets, or laptops and buy the workshop, applying the coupon we made for you. They workshop will be instantly added to their accounts.
  5. You'll then set up the workshop on the main screen or presentation computer. 
  6. When you're ready to begin, every participant can pull up the mobile friendly workshop on the phones, tablets, laptops, or computers. While the presenter clicks through the workshop on the main screen, the participants can follow along on their mobile devices, answering the questions and completing the activities along with the group. They are welcome to discuss the questions, crowdsource the answers, and complete the activities together. (If the presenter needs credit, they can either answer from the presentation computer, use their own mobile device to go through the workshop with the group, or return to the workshop at a later time.)
  7. At the end of the workshop, once everyone has had a chance to complete all the activities and questions, each person will be able to click "submit" on their own mobile device. Since each person has already gone through the store to make an account to buy the workshop (or "buy" it for $0.00), their information will already be stored on our server, thus:
  8. Everyone will be able to immediately access a personalized certificate of completion showing both RID CEUs and clock hours.
  9. If your participants need RID CEUs, those will also automatically be submitted by us.

  • --If anyone has to leave early or come late - no worries! Since they will have already created a store account to purchase the workshop, either at a discount or for $0.00, they will be able to access that workshop permanently from their account. If they aren't able to stay for the whole presentation, they can complete the workshop and receive their credit later, on their own time.
  • --If your participants don't want to download their certificates then and there, they can access them through their accounts at any time, from any computer, tablet, or internet-connected device (at school, home, or work). 
  • --There's no paperwork to print, no forms to fill out, and nothing to fax or email in. As soon as the participants submit their workshop, they'll have certificates in hand.
  • --Our new format of workshops work in any browser or mobile device, and the videos can be made as large as you need. 

Does this sound like something that might suit your group's needs? Browse our catalogue to see what workshops we have to offer and drop us a line today!


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