Signs of Development Terms of Service

The Nutshell Version

Please read our Terms of Service below. We’ve tried to keep it brief and we hope you’ll follow our basic terms so we can continue to enjoy our working relationship with you!

1. Please don’t steal our work. We worked hard to produce it. We’re happy to share it with you and your colleagues – just ask us beforehand!

2. Sometimes activities will ask you to do things that we can’t confirm (like voicing, interpreting, or miming). We want to keep our workshops accessible to everyone, so we won’t make you turn in recordings. We trust that you’ll do these things, and you’ll be asked to digitally sign that you did them. We don’t want to be tattle-tales, and we know we can trust you to do your best even if no one is watching, so please make sure and give it your all.

3. If your certifying or licensing agency asks us to send them your paperwork to prove you did the work, we’ll send it. We may or may not give you prior notice before sending it, so make sure and do your best work the first time around, so your agency, RID, or state licensing board can be proud to have you working with them!

The Legalese Version

Please read the below Terms of Service. By purchasing and completing any of our products (referred to below as WWWorkshops), you agree to our Terms of Service. Any violation of these Terms may result in your account being suspended.

1. You, the participant, agree that you will not download, reproduce, or share any of our content, including, but not limited to, videos, activities, questions, code, or still images, without express written consent from Signs of Development.

2. By purchasing and completing one of our WWWorkshops, you agree that you will complete any and all of the activities and questions within. These may include activities that cannot be directly confirmed by Signs of Development, such as voicing, interpreting, or miming. Signs of Development will not ask for you to send in recordings of these activities; however, you will be asked to confirm that you did complete them to the best of your ability. If Signs of Development comes upon evidence that you did not complete these activities as required, and signed fraudulently, we reserve the right to 1) suspend your account, 2) revoke your certificate of completion and/or 3) contact your certifying or licensing agency to inform them of the fraudulent activity.

3. Your submitted activities and questions will be subject to audit by Signs of Development or any associated entities at any time. If a licensing or certifying agency requests copies of a participants’ work for any reason, Signs of Development will turn over any work that the participant has thus far submitted. Signs of Development is not under any obligation to inform participants if they are being audited.