Frequently Asked Questions

Everything looks different – are you still providing workshops for RID CEUs?

Yes we are! We’ve recently renovated to provide you with a better workshop experience, but we are still providing the WWWorkshops you know and love – they’re just faster, better-looking, and more convenient now!

How does it work?

If you’ve done workshops with us in the past, you’ll find this new process much easier. If this is your first time with us, welcome!

You’ll pick a workshop that looks interesting to you and matches your needs in terms of content, CEU amount, and knowledge level. Add it to your cart and check out, just like you’d do in any online store.

As soon as your order goes through, the workshop you ordered will become available in your account.

If you’ve done workshops with us before, you might remember that you used to get an email with a link and a special, randomly-generated username/password. This is no longer the case. Workshops are now available in your account, and do not require any special login credentials.

You can access the new workshops from your account page, under workshops. Click on the one you’ve just ordered to start it.

How much does it cost?

Our workshops are $10 per credit hour up to 20 credit hours, at which point they are $7.50/hr.

Are your workshops RID/BEI approved?

Yes, all of our workshops are RID approved for PS (Professional Studies) CEUs. If you're in a state that has BEI certification, BEI also accepts all of our workshops towards your 5-year certification.

All workshops in the ETHICS category are approved for BEI and RID ETHICS CEUs.

Where can I find descriptions of the workshops/descriptions of the required activities?

You can find a short description of the workshop content and a few examples of the required activities, along with the CEU amount, cost, etc by clicking on the workshop in the store. You may need to scroll down to view the full text!

How long will it take to get my certificate of completion?

Unless your workshop is selected for audit, your certificate will become available immediately after completing the workshop. See “My file has been selected for audit” below for more information on our audit process.

Where can I find my certificate of completion?

Every certificate of completion is available upon completion of each workshop. You'll be able to download it from the index page of each workshop - once you've finished the workshop, you can always return to the workshop's index page to download the certificate again.

How long will it take for my CEUs to show up with RID?

Sponsors are allotted 45 days from the date of workshop completion to submit files to RID. This is the maximum amount of time it can take to see your CEUs with RID; however, we submit a batch of files to RID more frequently than that. If it's been over 45 days and you haven't seen your CEUs posted. please drop us a line!

Is there a post test?

The post test is now integrated into the workshop, so you are completing the post test as you go through the content.

What do I do if I don’t know the answer to a question/What if a question asks something that doesn’t apply to me?

Give it your best shot! It’s OK if you need to modify the question a little bit to fit your specific situation. You won’t be able to skip any questions, but you will have some flexibility on how you answer it. We tried to word questions to be as open-ended and inclusive as possible, but we’ll understand if you need to tweak a question a little bit to better suit you.

Do I have to do the activities/answer the questiond to get CEUs?

Yes. The questions and activities are now integrated into the workshop process and are mandatory – you won’t be able to submit a workshop for CEUs and a certificate until you’ve answered all questions and filled out all text boxes.

How do I know if you’ve received my submission?

Your work updates to our server live! Anything you type into a text box and any questions you answer are sent to us as soon as you click “save.” We can review it at any time and will forward your paperwork on to certifying or licensing agencies if requested, so make sure and continue to send us your very best work!

Are the intermediate and comprehensive CEU levels still available?

No. We have integrated the activities and post test into the workshop for a seamless experience. The activities are not optional, but will not require you to do anything that you couldn’t do directly from your internet-connected computer, laptop, phone, or tablet.

How long is the workshop I purchased available to me?

The workshop will be permanently available to you for review. You can modify any submitted answers just by going back into the workshop – as soon as you modify your answer and click “save,” the new information will be pushed to our server.

I bought a workshop, but it’s not meeting my needs. Can I get a refund or exchange?

Although we'd much rather work with you to find a different workshop that suits your needs better, you can file for a full refund online. As long as you haven't completed the workshop (by reaching the last page that generates a certificate), you can file for a refund by clicking on the order under your account.

Please note that we absolutely cannot refund for workshops that have generated a certificate and/or been submitted for credit to RID. As soon as you complete the workshop, you are immediately issued a certificate - at that time, no refund will be available.

Can I watch the workshops on my (PC/Mac/smartphone/tablet)?

We have tried to make our workshops as accessible to every device as we possibly can! Every workshop should be compatible with every browser or device. However, if you run into any issues, drop our technician a line to

My file has been randomly selected for audit. What do I do?

The server will occasionally choose a file at random for a manual audit. This is for your protection and for ours! We trust that you’re doing your best work at all times, but in order to be able to provide online workshops that produce certificates immediately, we do need to be able to check in on peoples’ files and make sure everything is going smoothly.

If you’ve been selected for an audit, you won’t need to do anything right away. What will happen is that the server will send our technician an email letting them know that a random audit has been initiated on your file. The technician will then go in and check on your questions/answers and activities. Then, one of two things will happen.

          If your answers and activities are all complete and meet the criteria that are laid out for us by licensing and certifying agencies, our CEUs coordinator will manually approve your file and you’ll be able to get your certificate as you usually do. In this case, the entire manual approval process will take 3 business days or less.

          If the CEUs coordinator feels that your activities could use a little additional TLC in order to stand up to the scrutiny of certifying and licensing agencies, they will send you an email letting you know what needs a little extra work. As soon as you’ve touched up your work, just reply to that email to let our CEUs coordinator know. They’ll do a quick check on your update and, if everything looks good from there, they’ll manually approve your certificate. In this case, the CEUs coordinator will let you know your file needs work within 3 business days, and will update your file to ‘approved’ within 3 business days of hearing back from you that you’ve added to your activities.

Are you still able to sponsor independent studies/PINRA/academic coursework for RID non-traditional activities?

Yep! Nothing’s changed there. If you want us to sponsor something for you, drop our CEUs coordinator a line to

I’m in the middle of a workshop, but it’s being upgraded to the new format. Can I finish it in the new format?

Absolutely you can. We’re sure you’ll love the new format, and we’re excited for you to try it out! Couple of things to keep in mind, though:

       The CEU value may be different. Since we’ve integrated the activities and post tests into the workshops themselves, and modified everything to be more accessible and convenient, some of the workshops’ CEU values have changed. We’d love for you to switch to the new format to give it a try, but make sure the new CEU amount you get if you switch will still meet your needs.

.        If you want to switch to the new format, you’ll need to complete the activities, as they’re mandatory in the new format.

          Since the workshops weren’t converted in a 1:1 way – we’ve added some material and removed other – you’ll probably have to start back over at the beginning of the new format. You'll find much of the material similar or the same, so you'll probably still be able to use any activities you've already written, but you will have to touch back on every page in the workshop.

      If you accept the above and want to continue your workshop in the new format, send us an email and we'll get you set up post haste!

I’m in the middle of a workshop, but it’s being upgraded to the new format. Can I finish it in the old format?

Absolutely you can. We will honor the cost and CEU amount of any workshop purchased before we launched our renovated site and workshops. You can still submit paperwork as you always have (email, fax, or post) for any of the old format workshops.

I completed a workshop in the old format a (day/week/month/year) ago, and already submitted my paperwork and received credit. Can I get credit for doing the same workshop again in the new format?

Yes, absolutely. If already submitted the paperwork and received credit for it, though, you'll need to purchase the updated version of it again. We can only give free exchanges for the new format if you haven't already received credit.

I bought a workshop that I haven’t started yet, but it’s in the old format. When will it be updated?

Great question! We launched with a number of our more popular titles, and are working our way through the backlog of other workshops. If there’s a workshop you’d like to see converted, drop us a line to and let us know. Not all workshops can be converted, but we’d love your input and will consider your requests when deciding what workshop to work on next!

Is there somewhere I can view my workshops in the old format?

Yep! All of the old format workshops will still be available. You can access them as you always have - either through your portal page or through the email you received with the link and username/password. Although you won't be able to buy any more of the workshops in the old format, they'll continue to be available to you.

I took a new version of one of your workshops, and I liked it so much I want to take it again. Can I do that?

Not right now. While you're welcome to review your answers and the material at any time, you can't remove your answers to file for a new certificate yet. We're building a process to reset your answers, but it's not live yet. We hope to have that done shortly after launch; right now, you're only able to take workshops once.